October 2023

What's new this month with CANcer Life Organizing™?

Hello everyone! In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I'm excited to share that the CANCER LIFE BINDER officially released on October 1! This binder is not only a practical way to keep all your important paperwork organized, but it's also a tool that EMPOWERS you to stay productive and KEEP GOING even when things get tough. It's your CANCER LIFE COMPANION to help you take control and keep pushing forward when you're facing the overwhelm that comes during and after cancer treatment. Order yours HERE!

We're also offering a 30-minute virtual CANCER LIFE BINDER ORGANIZING SESSION to provide additional guidance to set up and get started using the binder system right away! To book your session, simply order it HERE! We can't wait to support you on this empowering journey towards organization and peace of mind.

Our next monthly CANCER LIFE SUPPORT GROUP meetup is on October 24th at 6:30 pm at Moon Drop Yoga Studio in Carrollwood, Tampa. This month, we're celebrating breast cancer awareness! Join us for an evening of empowerment, connection, and support as we unite as survivors to honor our journey and inspire others. Our meetup is FREE to attend, just click HERE to register!

CANcer Life Organizing™ supports Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Tampa and the American Cancer Society. Our team, The Pink Messengers, is walking together on Saturday, October 28th at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. There's still time to join and WALK WITH US or to DONATE! Go to our MAKING STRIDES page to learn more. While you're there, check out our amazing JOURNAL FUNDRAISER! Together, we can help fund the future of breast cancer research and programs for our loved ones today – and for the next generation.

We truly appreciate your support and hope you'll share what we're doing with your networks too!

CANcer Life Organizing™ is HERE FOR YOU! My mantra is "the best way out is always through." If I CAN do it (get organized and keep going!) you CAN too!

Keep on keepin' on!


Lisa Assetta
CEO & Founder
CANcer Life Organizing™

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