August 2023

What's new with CANcer Life Organizing™?

Hey everyone! I'm checking back in to let you know that the Binder for CANcer Life Organizing™ is coming along nicely! I'm putting the finishing touches on it for its upcoming LAUNCH! It's not "just a binder" that holds important paperwork, it's a SYSTEM to manage your daily life and priorities so you can keep going and be productive while you face everything that comes during and after cancer treatment. I am excited to get this ORGANIZING TOOL tool into the hands of those who can benefit from it. LEARN MORE here and go to our CONTACT US page and type "beta binder" in the message box so we can let you know as soon as it's available to purchase.

What else does CANcer Life Organizing™ do? We offer virtual and onsite ORGANIZING ASSESSMENTS AND SESSIONS designed especially for for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers to help organize their physical spaces, make things EASIER to access, and create a more PEACEFUL environment. Decluttering and streamlining your surroundings can REDUCE STRESS, IMPROVE FOCUS, promote a sense of CALM during your cancer journey, and EMPOWER YOU to take control of your cancer life. Disorganized spaces add to your already heavy load. Learn more HERE!

Did you know that we also host a monthly SUPPORT GROUP in TAMPA BAY for those whose lives have been affected by cancer? This meetup offers a safe place to come SHARE and get SUPPORT and leave INSPIRED and EMPOWERED, and a little more ORGANIZED with the organizing tips I share! Our meetup is FREE to attend, just click HERE to register! While you're on our EVENTS page, take a look at the other community events we're involved with too!

CANcer Life Organizing™ is HERE FOR YOU! My mantra is "the best way out is always through." If I CAN do it (get organized and keep going!) you CAN too! 

Keep on keepin' on!


Lisa Assetta
CEO & Founder
CANcer Life Organizing™

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