CANcer Life Organizing™

Step 1: The CANcer Life Organizing™ Virtual Consultation

Book a complimentary virtual consultation HERE to talk about your CANcer Life Organizing challenges and how our systems, strategies, and tools can help you get organized during your cancer treatment and beyond.

Step 2: The CANcer Life Organizing™ Assessment

A comprehensive non-medical comprehensive organizing assessment of your daily routines and the physical spaces you live and work in. We'll send you a CLO pre-assessment questionnaire via email prior to your assessment. Based on your responses and our comprehensive assessment, you'll receive personalized guidance and recommendations for next steps.

LIMITED TIME OFFER! The CLO Assessment Includes a "mini" CLO Session to organize a small challenge area! 

Virtual and on-site organizing assessments are available. 

Step 3: The CANcer Life Organizing™ Session

A one-on-one organizing session to provide you with tools and customized systems to organize and streamline your daily life, schedule, medical information, paperwork, and surroundings to make things easier for you to stay on track and keep going.  

Individual and multiple session packages available based on your needs determined from your CLO Assessment.  

Virtual and on-site organizing sessions are available. 

for cancer patients:

we know that cancer treatment and medication side effects such as pain, fatigue, and brain fog affect productivity. We want to empower you to move forward. We also hope to encourage and inspire you along the way.

for survivors:

we know that the effects of cancer don't stop when you're active treatment does. The struggle is real. We provide strategies to help as you return to your regular activities and work and be productive as your healing and recovery continue.

for caregivers:  

we know how hard it is to help someone you care about that is struggling and may have limits to how much they can handle during this difficult time. We'll give you organizing tools and systems to use as you navigate treatment for someone else and strive to find time for things that matter in your life too.


to transform your environment and daily life to bring you peace in the midst of the overwhelm you face during cancer treatment and beyond. Together we will keep on keepin' on!

Gift Cards

available for the special family member, friend, or colleague fighting cancer. This is a gift they can really use. ♥

Book a complimentary consultation with us today and start living your best CANcer life! 

CANcer Life Organizing™ is a non-medical organizing system created by Lisa Assetta, Founder & CEO, 3x cancer survivor.

Get Organized. Keep Going. Get Peace.

the lavender ribbon represents all cancers

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