CANcer Life Binder System

Cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers, how would you like to have an organized system to keep everything cancer-related in ONE place? 

NO MORE scrambling to look for things when you're not feeling your best and your time and energy is limited! 

A daily CANCER LIFE COMPANION to keep track of all those thoughts that pop into your head! Questions for your doctor, things you have to do, appointments to schedule, accessing important medical records and paperwork, AND MORE! 

Take it with you to doctor appointments and have important information about upcoming appointments, medications, and test results at your fingertips for you and your providers!  

The best part? It's ready to go! You don't have to to figure out how to organize it all, we've already done that for you!

What is the CANcer Life Binder System? 

  • An organizing SYSTEM for your daily cancer life - not JUST a binder to hold paperwork!

  • An organizing TOOL to help you get organized, KEEP GOING, make your cancer life a little easier, and get PEACE!

  • A thoughtful GIFT for someone you care about whose life has been affected by cancer, especially those who are newly-diagnosed.

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! Get the CANcer Life Binder System for ONLY $149! Offer good through 11/30/2023.

Includes everything listed below:  

  • The CANcer Life Binder
    • A portable 3-ring binder
    • Pre-labeled tab dividers
    • Business card pages
    • An accessory pocket packed with supplies, including our wearable band!
    • Notebook
    • Monthly mini-planner
    • A "TO GO" folder
    • And MORE! 

  • A set of pre-labeled file folders for reference information

  • A CANcer Life Organizing™ Tote Bag

  • A 30-minute CANcer Life Binder System Coaching Session

  • Membership to our "Your CANcer Life" VIP Facebook Group

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Is additional help available so I can get the most out of my CANcer Life Binder System?

YES! Your CANcer Life Binder System comes with a 30-minute virtual binder coaching session to get you started! We'll review the components and a strategy to use your CANcer Life Binder System to get organized.

We offer additional one-on-one CANcer Life Binder Coaching Sessions to do a deeper dive into using the CANcer Life Binder System. We'll give you one-on-one support to help you organize your daily schedule and paperwork and implement the system to its fullest. Each additional session is only $59!

Click here to book your CANcer Life Binder System Coaching Session(s)!   


Questions about the CANcer Life Binder System? We are standing by! 

This binder is the core tool in the organizing systems created by the founder of CANcer Life Organizing™, a 3x cancer survivor! "I use it EVERY day and I want to share it with YOU. If I CAN do it (get organized and keep on keepin' on!) you CAN too!" ♥

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